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You are invited to a two-day extreme but supportive event with a discursive program and performances. The event explores how pain is inflected on bodies and their surroundings.


Human rights and equality in various forms never lose their relevance. Major upheavals and events affect our attitudes. A nation and its people have international and personal obligations to recognize and respect the rights of individuals and groups to equate them with the rest of society. This development is an expression of an increasingly strong ethical and humanistic awareness.


Friday 13 October 2023
19.00–21.00 at Østre


On Friday (Day 1) Daniel Mariblanca has invited, as part of the International Curatorial Program by 71BODIES, the artists Rocio Boliver from Mexico, Sayeh Nejatian Kazemi from Iran and Maria Perkances from Mexico to look at how gender politics is being negotiated in society and how they identify and experience themselves. The artists will utilize extreme performance as a way of expression and share current thoughts and long-term methodologies of their practices.

The audience will be provided with tools to appreciate the following day of performances to support this style of performance compassionately and protectively.


Saturday 14 October 2023
19.00–22.00 at Østre


On Saturday (Day 2) the audience will encounter new works by Rocio Boliver, Sayeh Nejatian Kazemi and Maria Perkances which have been created during their artistic residency together with Daniel Mariblanca, 71BODIES.
Room will be given to the audience to express themselves in a talk led by Daniel Mariblanca after the performance.
71BODIES is a transgender-inclusive dance performance company, based in Bergen. The company produces and tours their works, nationally and internationally. Ramifications of their core activities materialize through curatorial programs, commission projects and varied collaborations.

The International program is curated by 71BODIES with the mission to practice and utilize extreme performances as physical and mental expressions. The program is co-produced by Kunsthall 3,14 and hosted by Østre.
Free entance!

About the Artists:

Rocio Boliver was born in México City. She is widely known in Mexico and internationally for her sexually raw performances. is a non-binary transgender person currently living in Mexico. She is internationally known for her sexually raw performances. Boliver started her performance career by reading her porno-erotic texts in the international art circuit. Her practice is a sharp critique of the many repressive ideologies that burden the lives of women. In a somewhat pasteurized society, she causes disgust, hatred, rejection, confusion, weariness, anxiety, hostility, and fear in the hope of clearing and maybe even naturalizing spaces to live a freer life. Boliver’s work places her in the most radical wing in the history of Body Art in Mexico.

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