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Rocio Boliver aka La Congelada de Uva

Performance Art 

"The most radical of the arts"

If for some theorists the Performance is “the most radical of the arts", the actions and themes that Rocio Boliver, La Congelada de Uva (Grape Iced Bar), has carried out during more than thirty years, places her in the most radical wing in the history of the called Art of the Body, in Mexico. 

Her body art explains how the Dadaist spirit of the happening and of the boutade, takes possession of Rocio Boliver’s personality until turning her into her more tenacious and brilliant emissary: La Congelada de Uva. 

Situationist leader of the Epiphenomenon of sexual character in Mexico, La Congelada openly exhibits her dangerous vision of the feminism, and places her exotic genitality in the center of her speech.

La Congelada de Uva is a lasting icon of the underground culture in Mexico City. Besides being a fundamental piece for the full comprehension of this MeToo and movement, it is a fact that, at least, we already owe to her the creation of some of the most delirious and provocative images in the field of the Art in Mexico. 

 Rubén Bonet

In this society pasteurized, I prefer to cause disgust, hatred, rejection, confusion, weariness, anxiety, hostility, fear ... to further promote mental asepsis.

Rocio’s practice is a sharp and focused critique of the many repressive ideologies that burden the lives of women.

In 1991 she started her performance career with the reading of her porno-erotic texts, concentrating her proposals in criticizing repression of women. Boliver’s work places her in the most radical wing in the history of Body Art in Mexico.


Since 2012, Rocio’s performances have focused on the aging female body – a body, and a body of work, that she describes as ‘between menopause and old age’. She aims to aims to demystify the horror of old age in an ironical way, inventing her own deranged aesthetic and moral solutions for the problem of age. She revels in the cultural unease the aging female body tends to provoke, and she embraces, on the one hand, shame, disgust, and embarrassment, and on the other, pleasure, laughter, and great beauty, in often dizzying and un-navigable recombination.

For the last thirty years she has been active in the actual international art circuit. From 1992 to date, Boliver has made performances in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, including Grace Exhibition Space, New York and City of Women Festival, Slovenia.

I devote myself to transgress limits. I dig into human behavior. I disrupt accepted reality, absurd as the one I situationate.

Boris Nieslony on Rocio Boliver's work

Boris Nieslony (Germany, 1945), is recognized worldwide as a leading performance artist, co-founder of the 'Künstlerhaus Hamburg' and founding member of the 'Black Market International' Group. He has been a tireless and inspiring defender of performance art, face-to-face art, and encounter art. In this video Nieslony narrates the feelings and ideas that Rocio Boliver's work, La Congelada de Uva, arouses in him.

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Rocio is a Member of the National System of Creators by the Ministry of Culture of Mexico.


Since 2013 she has been awarded the Scholarship Promotion Projects and Joint Ventures FONCA Cultural granted by the National Council for Culture and the Arts.

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