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I’m a human reaction voracious hunter, consumer and provocateur. The human beings wants to feel. I make them feel deeply. I show the horrors of hidden lies. My field is any space: the street, public places, wherever there are people with no references of “La Congelada de Uva”. I practice a constant situationism, disrupting daily routine. When facing the inability of thinking how to react, the most authentic truth is revealed. I take on sex topics because the world still shivers to them. Sex is good bait for my hunt. 


If sex were accepted without further ado, I’d latch on other subjects, the forbidden ones, the ones that freak us out: hence the customary reference to sex, because I know it’s the big Achilles’ heel, a way of hitting the target, of turning into a surefire Ninja who flicks deadly poisoned stars from her sleeve to sink them into the most vulnerable parts.

I was born a seductive Nabokovkian “Lolita”. I lived censorship, scolding, fear and guilt, typical of a repressive society. I started a kind of situationist anthropology throughout the world, searching for reactions to my sex onslaught, and I have verified that sex is a universal Achilles’ heel.

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