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Doing performances is the only way I can get my own back on life, which has me by the balls.
It’s my way of giving it the finger and mocking it; of losing my fragility and believing I can go beyond death. 
Taking courage, transgressing and not being afraid of anything, destroying the boundaries the hold me back. That’s the great possibility that the bubble of Action Art offers me. No sanity, no orthodoxy, no rules, no questioning, no guidelines. Plunging into madness and coming out not just unscathed, but all the more lucid, all the more sane.

What better than to dive headlong into the forbidden, perverse, censored, singled-out topics to gird myself against the passing of time, which is leading to the destruction of my vitality, my charm, my lucidity, my beauty, my strength. Sex, drugs, philias, pain, scatology...

Tearing, yanking off the mask of that great lie created by man, that putrid way of communicating with one another. Disgusted by everyday lies, by the acceptance of hypocrisy as a passport.

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