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An iconic figure in performance art in Mexico, Rocío Boliver creates body art about gender, sexuality, pain and pleasure.

Boliver is coming to Athens, Greece, to lead a special workshop titled «Decrypting Performance Art», where she deals with pain, excretions, sex, old age and politics. These topics will be visualized, based on the documentation of performances that she has presented in many countries over the last thirty years. Rocío will share her experience both as a creator and a performer, as well as an observer/art-critic.

The purpose of the workshop is to comprehend the process of performance art in all its stages. As a creator, Rocío will discuss her methodology and how she translates ideas into practice for each work. As a performer she will focus on body and mind management during performances, the audience as a thermometer of performance, the body’s response to random circumstances, and expressive spontaneity beyond speech. As a critic-observer she will move towards the analysis and understanding of the performance pieces.

The workshop is addressed to art students and teachers, theorists, artists, researchers, curators and art historians, but also to any other person who might be interested in body art. Participants will practice their own performance skills and explore the limits of the body as an expressive artistic medium, through actions where the body reacts by itself, without the will of reason, in search of veracity.


To express your interest in participating: Please, write on half a page what you think about performance art and send it to | Previous experience in the field of body art will be appreciated.

Duration: 4 days / 20 hours
Dates: October 2023 on 19, 20, 21 and 22 (Thursday to Sunday) from 16:00 to 21:00
Participation fee: 240 euros/early bird 200 e until 30/9/2923
Participants: 20
The workshop is conducted in English

It takes place at Sozopolis space, 15 Sozopoleos street, Athens.

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